Best Day Project is an LGBTQIA Youth Suicide Prevention Organization dedicated to helping you achieve your dreams. 


Gaela's Best Day

Gaela's biggest dream was to marry herself. After her transition, she realized she wanted to make public vows in front of all her friends to love herself forever so we threw her the self-wedding of a lifetime!

Cory's Best Day

Cory moved to San Francisco in hopes of finding community and finally living out his truth, but he found himself homeless and unable to do any of the things in San Francisco that he always dreamed about, so we threw him a giant party and showed him the best the city has to offer. 

The Power of Volition

Watch our founder, Grace Kim, talk about how her suicidal past led her to start Best Day Project. Grace shares how she changed her behavior to live out her very best life and start her dream company in order to help others find happiness.